Risk-free Energy Consultants for Financial Institutions in Ohio and Indiana


In their day-to-day, financial institutions consume high amounts of energy. This energy is necessary in order to keep the business functioning, from something as small as reviewing accounts on a computer, to something bigger, such as maintaining all the systems holding clients’ financial information up and running smoothly.

Because of this reason, we highly recommend having an energy consultant partner that can help you analyze your company’s energy consumption, as well as identify areas of improvement in order to increase your company’s cost-effectiveness and helping you save money.

With almost a decade in the industry and a network of over 100 retail energy providers in North America, ABA Partners Plus is ready to serve you by finding energy consumption solutions for your business.

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ABA Partners Plus will work with you and for you

There is a process we follow to be able to thoroughly go over all the areas of energy-related opportunities in your company and discover savings solutions for you.

First, after a written agreement between your company and our professionals, we go over your business’ billing history, then you are assigned a team of auditors that will analyze this information in detail to discover errors that might have been done, as well as come up with solutions, opportunities for improvement, and finally generate savings by finding the lowest cost for your electricity consumption needs.

All the information that is reviewed during the audit is managed under strict confidentiality.

As financial institutions understand, minimizing risk is essential to increase returns and keep the economy going.

In the same way, with ABA Partners Plus as your certified energy consultants, we will help you minimize the risks of high amounts of energy consumption in your company, in this way helping you increase savings and becoming more profitable, while you will still be able to provide an excellent service and improve your performance level.

We are ready to serve you

Do not hesitate to contact us now. We manage energy portfolios and mitigate commodity risks. Request a quote today and start saving money.