Innovative Energy Management Solutions for your School’s Operations

ABA Partners Plus is a women and minority owned company offering customized energy savings plans by analyzing consumption and potential problems.

Not having a good energy management plan may be costing more than you realize. Everyday, your school needs high amounts of energy to keep running and being on top of energy bills is probably not your priority. Schools requires a lot of work and adding this may represent a burden on you. We are here for you! Our priority is to help customers with their specific needs and take care of the things they can’t.

Once you start working with an energy consultant, you will be able to see the following benefits:

  • Optimized resources
  • Increased savings
  • Experts insights
  • Areas of improvement
  • Opportunities to fund initiatives
  • The best ways to increase your profit
  • Market insight on minimizing risks
  • Strict confidentiality
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Save Money!

Our trusted energy brokers and consultants work with your internal team to monitor real-time energy pricing and help you discover savings opportunities to increase profit and find a way to fund other initiatives. We have almost a decade of experience managing different types of industries, including schools.

It is difficult to identify the source of a high energy consumption, without the help of an expert. Our main focus is to develop a plan to reach your goals. With all the money you will be saving, there is a chance to work on different projects for all members in the school community, staff and students. 

Take a Step Forward

Reach out for help and receive guide throughout the whole process. Learn about the different ways we can support your community and the multiple solutions we provide. Follow our simple process to start working with us.

Sign a letter of authorization to allow ABA partner gather your billing history. A team of experts will be assigned to you for an audit. They will be in charge of discovering errors, opportunities and solutions. Our expertise and time management is what has helped all types of industries in Ohio and Indiana.